Ingredient in one package (1.5g)

  • Coral calcium (99.45%)
  • Sodium L-ascorbate (0.50%)
  • Ag (0.05%)


What are the weathered hermatypic coral grains?

They are coral sands as a result of erosion of corals by weather, which have accumulated at the bottom of the beautiful sea of Okinawa. This means they are free from natural destruction.

  • Coral calcium contains more than 23 kinds of minerals such as Calcium,
    Magnesium, etc. Without sufficient Calcium and Magnesium in the body, cells don’t function properly, that might lead to developing arteriosclerosis or myocardial infarction.
  • Adequate hydration will prevent myocardial infarction.
  • Alkaline water will prevent arteriosclerosis.
  • Drinking lots of water is recommended because decreasing blood viscosity is the first thing to do to prevent arteriosclerosis. Furthermore, drinking water rich in calcium and Magnesium helps the body to break down cholesterol and neutral fat in the blood
  • Alkaline water is good for health enhancement because blood must always remain at an alkaline pH 7.4 (mildly alkaline) in the healthy body. Therefore, alkaline water is easily absorbed in the body.
  • However, when getting tired, the human body is prone to acidity, which results in slowing down metabolism and breaking down insufficiently neutral fat and sugar. In such cases, metabolism will be reactivated if the internal environment of the body is restored to healthy state by drinking alkaline water. Also, alkaline water will suppress oxidation.
  • Minepak is individually packaged and portable, so you can always make mineral-rich water anywhere by dissolving one package of it in water. Vitamin C breaks down residual chlorine contained in tap water, and that makes water taste better.
  • Minepack will supplement calcium, in which most people are deficient at regular meals, by dissolving this not only in water, but in cooked food, soft drink and alcohol.
  • When you drink alcohol, urine volume increases by diuretic action of alcohol and excessive minerals are excreted from the body.
  • Alcohol ingestion irritates intestinal mucosa and decreases Calcium absorption. In order to supplement deficient Calcium, some people sip sports drink, which promotes absorption of alcohol and contains lots of sugar. That leads to straining the liver.
  • Generally blood pH level is immediately adjusted when it becomes more acidic or more alkaline, blood acidification by decomposition product of alcohol causes imbalanced mineral composition (especially calcium). In this case, blood pH won’t get back to normal soon. When consumed in excess, many of acidic foods might have an adverse health effect.
  • Alkaline foods such as vegetables and seaweed are rich in vitamins and minerals, and these nutrients facilitate the absorption of other nutrients and help to keep you fit.
  • Modern people eat diet inclining heavily towards acidic foods. The important thing is to eat both acidic and alkaline foods in a good balance.
  • Urine pH level becomes acidic when acidic foods are consumed, and it becomes alkaline when alkaline foods are consumed. If urine becomes acidic, uric acid is hardly excreted. This might cause the diseases such as stones and gout.
  • Urine should be alkaline for smooth urination.
  • Uric acid level depends upon food consumed. This means that healthy condition is dependent upon food, too. Therefore, drinking mineral-rich water is very good for health.