Cardio Workout

Cardio Workout or Cardiorespiratory fitness is any movement that gets your heart rate up, increases blood circulation and works the lungs. While running, jogging and walking may be more popular forms of cardio, Dance Aerobics Routine can be used as a fun, alternative way to stay in shape! Dance Aerobics Routine or DAR involves any kind of exercise put to music. It can include everything from country music line dance aerobics to hip-hop dancing. The word aerobic means “with oxygen”, but aerobics as a type of Cardio Workout or Cardiorespiratory fitness usually refers to any kind of activity that gets your heart pumping and your muscles using oxygen. Your body is taking in oxygen, transporting it to your muscles, and helping you to burn fat in the process. It helps you to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress and even gives you a boost of energy.

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